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Please, please let me know when I can once again buy your product. In the past I have ordered it by the case. I live in the country and the black widow population is fierce. Your product has been a household staple of mine for 20 years. It is the only thing that kills Black Widows! Period! I spend a lot of nights with a flashlight and a can of Spider Nott in my hands. I think it is the only reason I can take country life, knowing I can douse those nasty spiders with it. I am in a tough spot, please let me know when I can order more . It is truly for my health and well being !

Krista, Fresno, CA

Perhaps I missed some ad copy somewhere in your description of Spider-Not.  I have a studio shed here in Seekonk, MA where I do gardening out of during the summer and then convert it to a heated wood carving sanctuary during the winter.  Trouble is… the spiders and their friends know that, too!  After using Spider-Not last Spring, I have not seen an insect of any kind… NOT ONE!   I just saw my first spider of the season last week and realized that not only does Spider-Not rid spiders, but IT REPELLS SPIDERS AND THEIR FRIENDS FOR OVER A FULL YEAR!   (I’m  placing my order for 2 more cans this week!)

If that’s in your ad copy, I’m sorry I missed it, but if it’s NOTT, I’d shout that fact in all my communications!  Keep making the great products and keep them affordable.


D. M. M., Seekonk MA
Gardener/Wood Carver, enjoying a spider-free work place.

My wife is terrified of spiders and this is the only product that we have found to be 100% effective 100% of the time. Thank you. Jupiter, FL

Please send me 2 cases (24 cans) of Spider-Not. Apparently, I cannot be without your product.

M.B., South Carolina

I’ve bought stuff called Spider-Not off the Internet . Spray it outside your house and you won’t see any spiders! Other people swear by it too. Good luck, I hate spiders!

H.L., NC

We have had a lot of success with Spider-Not over the past few years. For that we are very thankful.

K.P., New Mexico

Please send me 4 cans of Spider-Not. I LOVE your product.

S.T., New York

Spiders seem to be on a rampage in Oregon this year and I was beginning to get freaked out. I love the way this product sprays in a directed, long distance stream, with no need for a ladder. Plus, it starts working immediately! Thanks for an excellent product.

V.T., Oregon

Squirrels are just a constant and usually tolerable nuisance in my backyard,but that changed when those critters climbed onto the second story of my gazebo and proceeded to gnaw away at the roof. I used a garden sprayer to squirt the roof and even the crooked areas in the trees where they were building nests, It really worked like a charm, but don’t forget to respray again in two months. I recommended it to my friends and it also helped with rabbits by spraying the perimeter of their property. We are all more than satisfied. Spraying outdoor furniture and cushions and birdfeeder poles also deters numerous other critters as listed on the label.

It is a great repellent and works very well. Spraying around the area that the little “critters” you don’t want around.

Worked better than Liquid Fence

Good results for a deer infested yard

This is the second season in which I’ve used this product for keeping away the deer and I’ve found it very helpful.

It has been 3 days now and absolutely no sign of squirrels in my flower gardens. I have battled with the squirrels for years…shooing them.

It worked every bit as well as I knew it would, and maybe even better! In the spring, right at leaf-out, I noticed what I would call some “tentative” browsing. Since the trees are still young and I knew wouldn’t be bearing fruit, I gave them a light spray. They left them right alone after that. They remain untouched, and I have personally seen deer, especially does with fawns, walk right on by the trees, and they are at a perfect browsing height for both the does and fawns. If you ever need a testimonial from a guy with a master’s degree in deer damage control, I’m there for you.