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Control pests repel deer, mice, rabbits, kill spiders, flys & other pests.

Kill spiders, eliminate their webs. Repel deer, rabbits and voles. Kill pantry moths and flys. Kill termites and ants.

Spider-Not spider killing spray. Spider-Not is an easy to use aerosol spray formulated to eliminate spiders and their webs.

Its residual effect controls spiders for months. Use at home, boat, RV, porch, office, garage, basement, attic, etc.

Roof pipe vent guard A Roof Pipe Vent Guard will prevent birds, rodents, leaves and branches from blocking the vent pipe that carries the waste odors to your roof to vent. If the pipe gets blocked, the waste odors will back into your home like a sewer backup!

Window fly traps Fly Catchers:  The Window Fly Catcher will catch any fly: all flies, moths, ladybugs, spiders, wasps, no-seeums.
Kill or control mosquitoes, asian lady beetles, fruit flies, gnats, wasps, "no-seeums", moths, spiders, cluster flies, bees, most home invading insects.

Growing Season Animal Repellent Animal Repellent: Repels deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, dogs, cats, raccoons, porcupines, beavers, rats, mice, voles, skunks, woodchucks. Growing Season Animal Repellent repels animals by taste, touch and smell. It won't harm plants or animals.

Mole-Nots mole control pellets. Termite & Carpenter Ant Control:  Kills exposed termites, exposed tarpenter ants, carpenter bees, and many other wood destroying insects. Also kills fleas, ticks, bedbugs, palmetto bugs, carpet beetles, waterbugs, silverfish, crickets, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, cockroaches and more.

better mousetrap Mouse Traps:  Easy to bait. No more pinched fingers! Easy to set. Easy to release. Never touch the mouse. These traps have small cups to hold bait so rodents will almost always trigger the trap.

Silicone Multi-Purpose Lubricant Protectant

silicone lubricantThis non-hardening multi-purpose silicone paste seals and lubricates for total long term protection.

High dielectric strength
A clear non-melting paste

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