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Roof Pipe Vent Guard

Acorns • Birds • Branches • Chipmunks • Leaves • Mice • Snakes • Pine Cones • Rats • Squirrels • Raccoons


Do you have any of these on your roof?

Most of us do, and there is a danger!

The vent pipes on your roof can become clogged or contaminated smelling up your house and costing you a lot of money for repairs.

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 Roof Pipe
 Vent Guard -
 Item #160
1-5 pieces

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Roof pipe vent guard Adding this inexpensive and easy to install vent guard to each of your roof pipes can prevent clogging.

Why you need this

The waste system in your home requires full airflow through the roof vent. If your roof venting system is clogged, your plumbing system will not work properly. Sinks, toilets and showers will not drain correctly. Your home may fill with very unpleasant odors! Plumbers are expensive and many of them refuse to go on the roof.

  • Easy & Fast installation
  • Allows foul odors and gasses to vent naturally
  • Prevents back-up odors from clogged roof vent pipes
  • Keeps out tree debris, birds, squirrels, rodents and insects from entering and nesting
  • Prevents clogs in drain and run off pipes for pool, pond and aquatic applications
  • Twist-lock feature allows vent pipe access
  • Suitable for residential & comme rcial installations
  • Fits standard 3 inch vent pipe
  • Can be painted to match rooftop color
  • 100% recyclable and UV resistant
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