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Insect Traps - Moth Traps and Fly Catchers

Moth Traps - Kills Moths and Pantry Moths

These traps are non-toxic and odorless traps that capture Pantry Moths over a 3-month period. They are ideal for kitchens, cupboards, pet food storage and birdseed.

Our traps will capture Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Almond Moths and Raisin Moths.

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 700  Moth Traps
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Window Fly Catcher

Kill or control flies, moths, ladybugs, spiders, wasps and no-seeums, they all go to the windows once they enter a room.

Our Window Fly Catchers will stop them in their tracks.

Dimensions: 9.25" x 2.5"

Lasts for months!

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 534  Window Fly Catchers - 12 Strips
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    Remove the thin pink protective strip from the top back of the Window Fly Catcher to expose the line of adhesive that attaches to window.
    Press this adhesive line to the top or bottom of window pane.
    Press your thumb against the lower unglued edge of the Catcher, Quickly, pull off the white cover sheet.
    This will expose the insect trapping glue which will face into the room.
    For larger windows use more than one Fly Catcher.  Catchers work best on windows exposed to the most sunshine.

Jumbo Fly Catcher

A large 8 feet by 8 inches fly catcher for barns, stables, garages and more. Has a special non-drying glue and lasts for 12 weeks or until full of flies. Works well in garages, won't drip, so hang over equipment and cars.

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 45  Fly Catcher
2 rolls @ 8 feet
by 8 inches
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