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DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent

DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent

One Application Lasts all Winter

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With DeerPro, one spray as early as September protects woody ornamental plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, hemlocks and pine all winter long. That's six solid months of protection - all the way until April, when the deer diet changes to feeding on broad leaf weeds, annuals, and perennials.

Other commercial sprays and repellents must be reapplied every couple of months. Not DeerPro. That's an important advantage, considering it is difficult, if not impossible, to spray repellents in the freezing temperatures and snowy conditions of January and February.

DeerPro Looks Better

While other commercial applicators have also developed thiram-based sprays, their products leave a heavy white residue on the plants. The landscape looks like it got hit by an early snowstorm or some sort of artificial blight. DeerPro is green, so it looks less artificial and blends in better with the natural surroundings and will break down in spring.

DeerPro is Proven Effective

DeerPro has been satisfying customers for over 20 years. Some homeowners have tried other services, only to return to DeerPro.

How long does DeerPro Last?

One spray in the fall protects plants all winter long.

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What plants do you spray?

Deer eat woody ornamental evergreens and shrubs during the winter months. Spray those plants that they do eat and do not spray plants like Boxwood and Andromeda, which they do not eat.

How does DeerPro work?

The active ingredient in DeerPro is Thiram, a fungicide that is also used as an animal repellent because of its bad taste. Deer that try to eat plants treated with DeerPro will spit out the leaf and leave the shrub alone.

Is DeerPro safe?

DeerPro has been used safely to protect shrubs for 25 years. People and pets should stay inside while spraying and for about an hour to give the spray a chance to dry. Once DeerPro has dried on the shrubs it is safe to be outside.

Is DeerPro clear?

No, the active ingredient in DeerPro is white. We add a colorant to the spray to help it blend in with the shrubs. However, DeerPro does leave a noticeable residue on treated shrubs. It will break down in the Spring.


Mixing instructions - "only 9 minutes"

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