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Chew Not

After 46 years, we are no longer manufacturing Chew Not. Our new animal repellent is here: Click here

We realize that it was a unique product that protected your foliage from deer and rabbits all winter. The EPA has tightened its control of certain chemicals and Thiram is one of them. The EPA requires that all products that contain Thiram be applied by a licensed pesticide applicator.

We have a new product with a similar formulation and winter protection called Deer Pro. If you use a landscaper or arborist, ask if they have a pesticide applicators license. They can buy the product from us and you will be protected.

We also have an "All Natural" animal repellent that dries clear and lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. It is available in Ready-To-Use or concentrate. See our "Deer-Pro."

We appreciate your business and hope to supply your garden needs for many years.

Thank you for your continued patronage,
Bruce and Pam Schleifman

Products are in stock!

Please click here to see our new animal repellent